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The PinkPeriod Premenstrual Syndrome Calendar designed to help couples in relationships improve their communications skills. The PinkPeriod premenstrual syndrome calendar is a unique gift for yourself, a loved one, or a friend. It is based on your menstrual cycle and not on the calendar year, you can start using it any time.

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Couples who use our premenstrual syndrome calendar have fun dealing with this issue with interactive humor understanding and compassion, rather then just pitifully dreading it.

What Is The PinkPeriod Premenstrual Syndrome Calendar
This joyful PinkPeriod Calendar is a breakthrough product that combines humor, insight and compassion with a practical perspective to help you to understand PMS easily. You can start using this calendar right away. It's based on a menstrual cycle, not on the calendar year. This fun to use PMS Calendar is a great gift anniversaries, bridal showers, and Valentine's Day.
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What Is PMS?
"Man is born to suffer, but woman is born to suffer more" -- or so the saying goes. It is time to recognize the physiological reality of PMS. Over 150 symptoms have been associated with PMS. The symptoms vary in length and severity from woman to woman as well as from month to month from the same person. They can also change throughout a woman's adult life.
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